Imminent Love

The tears run down his face as he tries so hard to be noticed, to be loved.
She’s mean to him, vicious even.
He stares at her admiringly, he thinks she’s beautiful.
She curses at him and pushes him away, daily.
He makes up excuses for her behavior- finds reasons to love her.
She scorns at him and rolls her eyes.
He lies in bed all night hoping to win her over, praying she cares for him- just a little.
She lies in bed wishing she could find someone to adore her- not considering how much he does.
He touches her as she pulls back, refusing to be touched.
He climbs in bed with her, while she is sleeping, and holds her tight.
She wakes up and screams at him, hatred in her heart.
He feels hopeless as he watches her leave through the door; he wonders what he did wrong.
She has the nerve to call herself mother.